Convenience Stores? I think not.

A weird thing I have noticed about Brandon, MB is the lack of convenience stores. And by convenience stores, I don’t mean any stores that are attached to gas stations! They totally don’t count.

Since my time here, I have been to one. And let me tell you, it was no convenience. It was after midnight, and me and my friends wanted to get some late night munchies. I was like, oh no, where are we going to go? I looked up convenience store’s on my Blackberry, and guess what? Very few came up and closest one was a 20 minute walk. Yes, a 20 minute walk. How in the world is that convenient at all? In my Hamilton days (ohh…how it was less than a month ago), I could easily get to at least 5 convenience stores within very short walking distance (as in, 30 seconds to 4 minutes).

What is up with this city and not having convenience stores? Is it because people don’t believe in convenience here (probably), or that Conservatives would never set up convenience stores (probably), or the fact that immigrants come here and don’t open their own business, but work for Maple Leaf (probably).*

I guess Brandon really just hasn’t gotten on the bandwagon of convenience stores in residential areas. It’s too bad, because convenience stores totally rock. They rock so much that I’m starting to miss the Chinese patriarch of Webb’s Food right next to my building in Hamilton…he would always say hello!

So, here is my proclamation: Brandon needs more convenience stores! Come one, come all! Open a convenience store here and I will give you business. I pinky swear it!

*I apologize for any offense…both to Conservatives and immigrants.

ETA: I have been told that it’s a Western thing to have the convenience stores tied to the gas stations…I accept that, but I’m still not used to it!

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