A Portrait of the Unemployed

This is what it’s like being unemployed in Brandon, Manitoba (from my perspective…and some other observations):

– no waiting in long line ups at the MTS store in Shopper’s Mall
– being able to get an amazing parking spot right in front of the doors at both the mall and Canadian Tire
– aimlessly wondering around Shopper’s Mall, picking up a Safeway cart, pushing it from mid-point of the mall down to the food court and just randomly leaving it there (yeah, that wasn’t me)
– depressingly sitting in the mall’s food court – staring off into space
– having time to start a blog about your new life in Manitoba
– having time to start thinking about new self-employment ventures
– getting excited about your cat catching the flies in your apartment, and cheering her on as she goes for them, and eats them
– laying on your bed, staring at the ceiling
– being able to continuously keep the kitchen clean and wanting to take out the garbage

And my favourite…

– watching endless episode’s of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and realizing the aching parallels of her life and your own…

And that’s about all, for now.

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