Never Say Never

Just a year ago, I was in Manitoba. Specifically, Brandon and my Manitoban “hometown”, Boissevain. I was here for a potential wedding (long story), and just to visit, because I hadn’t been out here that summer.

I had two Thanksgiving dinners, and one, in which I remember vividly talking to my friend’s mom about social work in Manitoba and how it’d be so great if I moved here and did social work (although, I’m questioning how much Manitoba needs me at this point). I was pretty non-committal, but I thought about it. For real. I was like, hey, maybe I can do that.

However, as great as the week long visit was, I specifically remember nearing the Ontario border on my drive home and telling myself “I’ll never actually move here, it’s just a summer infatuation”…as I looked around at the frosty ground and the uninspiring cold, flat land.

I got back to school and didn’t think much more about moving to Manitoba – especially to Brandon. I got through the year at school (somehow!) and I was jobless, although was promised employment at my student placement from the past year. This was awesome…and then a 3 month contract turned into 1 month, and then 1 month turned into 1 day. I didn’t know what to do with myself (while waiting to see if this job thing was going to pan out – it never did), and then the thought of camp entered my mind. I was asked to go, and I was extremely careful in my decision making. It took me forever to make my decision. I didn’t know why this was something I was going to do in my life right now, but in the end, I decided to go. I was officially going to be in Manitoba at the end of June.

I get to Manitoba. I’m fearful about my decision and ask myself and others the purpose behind being there. I had hoped that there was some purpose behind going. I mean, I was done school. Why would I go to camp for the summer? It didn’t make sense to me at all. Still, I went. And let’s just say, if I hadn’t of gone, I wouldn’t be in Manitoba right now. Purpose?

Honestly, within the first week of camp, my mind started meandering over thoughts of moving to Manitoba…and for some reason, not Winnipeg, but to the southwestern area of Manitoba; the little pocket of Manitoba that I have come to know and love. I always said that I would never live in Brandon, yet this was the place I felt pulled to to move to. Insane. Completely insane.

Much like my decision about coming to camp, it took a painstakingly long time to make the decision. Well, it felt like forever to me. At the beginning of August, I made the decision to at least try to find a job. If I got a job here, then I would move.

Needless to say, after some long thought and serious decision making, I decided that I was moving here regardless of employment. I figured that I would be unemployed in either Hamilton or Brandon, so I may as well be unemployed in a place I feel like I should be at this point in my life. And that was that. The next day, I sent in my 60 days notice to my landlord; a week and a half later, I packed up, along with my friend Tari and headed back to Ontario. I was there for about 2 weeks and BAM, I was gone. I think those 2 weeks were the most overwhelming and stressful weeks of my life…but I don’t regret spending the time I did with friends and family, when I really should have been packing up my apartment.

And now I’m here, wondering how in the world any of this ever happened. Like the title suggests, never say never. I said that I would never live in Brandon (I had said that for many, many years), and just last year, I said that I would never be moving to Manitoba in general. Oh how things can change. I’m still navigating the new waters and trying to find my place here. It’s tough. I just hope that the time will come sooner than later that I’ll have a few things figured out, and in the meantime, I’ll still work on the farming machinery and country music.

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