The Unlit Province

That should be Manitoba’s new slogan. Forget “Friendly Manitoba”, it’s all about “The Unlit Province”. Upon arriving to Brandon, I have continuously noticed how dark it is around the city come evening time. The street lights come on, but they aren’t particularly great, and they aren’t everywhere. It’s rare to see a street with street lights the whole way down, on both sides. Whenever I’m driving at night, I’m constantly squinting (and no, my eyes don’t need to be checked!) and I’m watching out for anything that could creep up on me. I don’t want to hit anything! Honestly, driving around Brandon at night is like driving in the boonies.

Another issue is the lack of highway lighting. For example, when I was coming home from Thanksgiving from Boissevain, 40 minutes south of Brandon, I couldn’t believe that the number 10 highway wasn’t lit. At all. Not a street light to be found. It was pitch black. For a high way that has a decent amount of traffic, I was confused as to why they haven’t invested in some street lights. I was totally paranoid that I was going to hit something…and guess what? I almost did! A coyote was right on the shoulder of the road when I drove by it, only seeing it right as I drove by – because it was so dark!

So Manitoba, I have a bone to pick with you. Why don’t you light up your streets and highways better? Bring the province into the light!

2 thoughts on “The Unlit Province

  1. I apologize for the reply explosion today…I’ve been reading your posts and as someone who moved in the opposite direction I have to share my impressions on some of the regional “quirks”. I have found southern Ontario, particularly Hamilton, Burlington and Stoney Creek really dark at night. I can’t comment on how this darkness compares to Brandon (it’s been about 8 months since I’ve been there and I didn’t really take note of the lighting situation), but I find it really confusing trying to figure out which stores/restaurants/etc. are open because their signs and the spaces themselves are so faintly lit. I also find the streetlights dimmer than in Winnipeg (but again, I can’t compare to Brandon). This really made me wonder if the luxury of having ridiculously cheap hydro has skewed my expectations as to what I deem “appropriate” nighttime lighting.

    • So interesting! I’m sure Winnipeg is much brighter than Brandon and maybe even Hamilton, it’s more of the surrounding areas of Brandon that I question the most…it’s literally pitch black at night! I guess I never noticed the light in Hamilton, maybe I was just used to how it was. Maybe it depends on wear you’re living in the city!

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