Responses About My Move to Manitoba

Since I’ve been here for about a month and a half, it’s been interesting to see the different responses from people about me moving here. People love to put their two cents. Below, you’ll find about 20ish cents.

1. (Before I moved here – while working at a camp near Boissevain) – “OH MY GOSH! YAY!”, “This is so great!”, “I’m so excited that you’re moving here!” etc, etc. You get it. My camp people were excited.

2. Some, just curious and respectful, albeit confused. “Oh, what brought you to Manitoba?”, “What brought you to Brandon?”, “Do you have family here?” I’m used to this general response from people, and I have my memorized answer in my head.

3. Others were dismayed. “WHAT?!”, “You lived in Ontario and you moved HERE?! There’s nothing here! Why did you move here? I want to move to Ontario! It’s not cold there!” This is generally my least favourite response, as it doesn’t help with the fact that I miss Ontario and am still trying to figure out what in the world I’m doing here – although, like I said, no regrets.

4. Of course, there is the “jokey” response, “Oh, Onterrible? You’re better off here!” I roll my eyes, but grin and bear it.

5. And probably my favourite…”Oh you just wait until the winters! It’s get to -50 here! You sure won’t be used to that!” Of course, Manitoban’s can go on and on about their winters. Maybe I’ll be one of them after my first one. Bring it on 2011-2012 winter.

2 thoughts on “Responses About My Move to Manitoba

  1. Remember – the first day you encountered the outside it was about -40 – cold to say the least. You will be fine this winter LOL.

  2. Maybe it doesn’t get quite as cold in Southern Ontario as it does in Manitoba but the winters are far more miserable with more grey weather and a lot more freezing rain and wet snow, not to mention much more salt on the roads and everywhere. Completely ruins your shoes and impossible to keep a car clean. I can’t believe ANYONE said to you they want to move to Ontario. The only place anyone wants to move to from Manitoba is B.C., but most people figure they can’t afford housing on the coast.

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