The Prairie’s “Wish Book”?

As I checked my mail this evening, I scoured through the box and saw bank bill, hydro bill, Ontario jury duty crap…and a catalogue. I was intrigued by this. It’s a Cabela’s catalogue for the Winter/Holiday season, and it claims to be the “World’s Foremost Outfitters”. As I started going through this catalogue, I soon realized it wasn’t all happy-go-lucky CHRISTMAS TIME, YAY! It was, hunting, hunting, kill, kill, winter wear, hunting, hunting, kill.

In the first few pages, you come across CUTE STUFFED ANIMAL HEADS that are mounted to a wall post, as in to give children a hope of one day hunting their own animals and mounting them on their wall. I gasped with my jaw wide open. These are STUFFED ANIMALS, PEOPLE. Stuffed animals! You can’t leave the real ones alone, why can’t you leave the the fake cuddly ones alone? Oh, and then there is also the rugs. The stuffed animal rugs. Like, you know, a fake bear rug. A fake moose rug. My jaw, still opened.

Everything is camo in this catalogue. Everything. Even the pj’s. And after the winter wear section (the only redeeming thing about this catalogue), it’s all guns, rifles, ammo, hunting bows, other hunting gear and mounting kits.

THIS is where I have moved. Yes, to a place that is obsessed with hunting animals for fun. Hooray! Yippee! I love my life…(note the sarcasm). This may be the one thing I refuse to embrace while living here. And I know people here don’t get it, but I don’t get what’s so great about hunting…ah well, the differences will always exist.

A New Pace

I’m used to the hustle and bustle of southern Ontario. Getting places very fast on the 400 series highways…making it to Toronto, Burlington or Oakville in record time. Here, things are a little different. People drive slow. Going 50 in a 70. Going 40 in a 50. Or, they actually go the speed limit, which I’m still not quite used to. They take time doing things. People just aren’t in a rush to get things done.

I’ve had an averse reaction to this initially. I still like the rush, but there is simply no rush here. However, I’ve been thinking, is this new, slower pace the end of the world? Maybe it’ll be nice. Maybe people are slower paced here because they just enjoy and appreciate time a little more than those in Ontario do. Maybe they just enjoy life a little more. Less stress. Less anger. More life. More love.

So, I have chosen to embrace the slow-paced life. I will at least try. Driving a little slower shouldn’t kill me, and taking a more laid-back approach to life may improve my quality of life. Who knows? All I know is that it’s happening, and I’m learning to embrace this new life slowly, but surely.

The Deceptive 3 Year Old

Warning: This post may potentially mock my beloved friend, Adrian.

When I drove into Brandon, Manitoba on that fateful day of September 16th, I had no place to live. I was homeless. My amazing friend Adrian (who knows that he will most likely be a part of this blog – a lot) graciously put me up in his lovely basement apartment for a few days before I could move into my new apartment. Now, Adrian was just as desperate to find a place to live as I was nearing the end of August, so he took this basement apartment, even though he called the neighbourhood, “sketchy”.

Truth be told, he has talked to AAA Alarms and MTS on the phone and the people on the other end have even acknowledged that he lives in a “bad” neighbourhood; even though I think this is white people being potentially racist. However, they may not be. Maybe it’s all true. I saw this when I realized that Adrian had put me in a very dangerous situation by allowing me to crash at his place. You see, there is a “child gang” on that street. The leader? A deceptive 3 year old who is ready to distract you with their cuteness and have the others TAKE YOU DOWN. I’ve even seen meetings happen right in front of my eyes. The deceptive 3 year old sits everyone else in the gang down and tells them how it is. It’s crazy stuff. Crazy.

I feel so lucky to not have any harm done to me during my stay at Adrian’s. I mean, who knows what could’ve happen if I had stayed longer. You can never trust a 3 year old. They are so extremely dangerous. I can only hope that Adrian’s life will be safe from danger in the time being. He’s keeping a close watch on this child gang and he is prepared to do what he must if and when the time comes. But let’s hope that it never does…