A New Year in Manitoba

Well that was a mini-holiday hiatus I guess, wasn’t it? Ah well, now that the new year has rung in, I’ve decided to come up with a things-to-do-in-Manitoba-in-2012 list! Obviously I want to get in as much as possible before the world ends on December 21, 2012, so I thought having a list would be the most efficient way to accomplish things. So here I go…

1. Get used to driving on poorly plowed roads. This is not a stab at Manitoba. I simply come from a land where there is less snow (Hamilton is the bomb when it comes to this – other parts of southern Ontario, not so much, this year being an exception…), and when there is snow, the plows hit up all the roads, even the “less” important ones. Also, larger population, more driving, more tracks, more speed (!), more moisture = clearer roads.

2. Check out Winnipeg and see what it has to offer other than the airport (which is quite nice now, by the way). I know Winnipeg has a bad reputation, and to be honest I was little shocked when one of the Shopper’s had two security guards in it…but that won’t stop me from finding the good side of Winnipeg. And maybe once they get that promised H&M, I’ll find more purpose for going there often.

3. Visit Churchill. Alright, I’m not necessarily strict with the 2012 guideline for this, but it is absolutely something that I have to do now that I live in this province! We’ll see what happens with this “to do”, but how can you go wrong with polar bears and beluga whales?

4. Make myself a regular at Riding Mountain National Park and hang out with the bison. Enough said. (Confession: RMNP kind of reminds me of northern Ontario, and that’s partly the reason I fell in love with it this summer when I was there – so many trees! Wooo!)

5. Get to know the surrounding area better. I know this one sounds a little boring, but I think it’s important to know what’s around you! I know some rural towns south of Brandon, and Dauphin north of Brandon, Virden west of Brandon (mostly because of the reputation), but that’s about it. This shouldn’t be too hard to do, but nonetheless, important to me!

6. And finally, become a Brandonite. Wow. That’s a little scary to say, but I’ve been here since September and I’m still on the fringe, and I still think about Ontario and how I miss it sometimes. I hope to become a part of this community and grow in it. Maybe by the end of the 2012, I’ll have immersed myself in the culture here and wondered what I ever thought was so great about Ontario πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “A New Year in Manitoba

  1. I’m actually working on a 2012 Manitoba bucket list too! On my list is Churchill, Narcisse Snake Den, the Whiteshell and Grand Beach. I’m a regular to Riding Mountain National Park as I live close by, and it is my fav spot in all of Manitoba – the bicycles built for 5 are a lot of fun – can rent them near the beach. I’ve attempted to see the bison but still haven’t caught a glimpse of them yet, they are always hiding. There are some wonderful things in Winnipeg – check out The Forks, Fort Whyte Alive, the zoo, and Osbourne Village. Try the cheesecake at Baked Expectations, you won’t be disappointed!

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I will take them to heart πŸ™‚ You clearly know more great places to hit up in Manitoba than me…I’ll search for those places you mentioned that I have no clue of!

      Glad I’m not the only one making 2012 Manitoba bucket list!

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