I Heart Manitoba

Sometimes while writing this blog, it seems as though I talk about some of the negative things or weird things about Manitoba. I try to express that I’m not trying to take a stab at Manitoba, but it may not come off that way. Isn’t it funny how it’s always easier to critique rather than share the love? Well, I’ve realized that, so this post is dedicated to the things I love about Manitoba!

1. I love my friends from Manitoba. I know, total cop-out for this one to be first, but it’s true! I have made some of the best friendships right here in the friendly province. I don’t know what I’d do without some of these people in my life. They ground me, on many different levels, but I can just as easily let my hair down with them! You all know who you are 😉

2. I love the sky. The sky that goes for miles and miles. This morning as I was walking to my car, I just looked in awe at the sky which had streaks of pink, blue and orange in it. Going for miles and miles. Because of the landscape (nature and urban) in Ontario, you simply don’t get to see the sky in this way, and it’s such a bonus to living in the Prairie’s!

3. I love the genuine friendliness. I recently started a new job, and with what it is, I was expecting people to hate their jobs and hate each other. Nope, I was wrong. Everyone is too nice and friendly. Too supportive. Too helpful. It’s mind-boggling to me, but I love it! I think Manitoba has certainly earned the title of “friendly”.

4. I love the intentionally tree-lined streets. I first found this when I came to Manitoba for the first time about 7 years ago to Boissevain. What beautiful streets! The trees were canopies over the streets and were just perfectly lined up. It’s the same way in a lot of towns here, as well as many streets in Brandon. It’s just gorgeous. I wish this existed more in Ontario!

5. I love how much money I save living here. Yup, you heard it. I love it. Insurance is the huge thing. Coming from Ontario to here – wow. It’d be such a huge shock to move back and have those huge expenses again! And let’s not forget to mention hydro and gas prices lightning the load of bills!

6. I love (or do I?) how all the Sheri/Sherry/Sherrie’s are coming out of the woodwork. Completely and utterly random. I don’t have a common first name…unless you live in Manitoba/the Brandon area. It’s crazy! In the last 3 weeks, I’ve come across at least 5 different Sheri’s (a.k.a Sherry/Sherrie) on some level. This is something I have never experienced, and obviously something that Manitoba has brought into my already insane life. Woo!

Some true and sweet, and some kooky. But that’s a good thing! In time, I’m sure there will be many more things I “heart” about Manitoba. I’ll keep you posted 😉

2 thoughts on “I Heart Manitoba

  1. any recommendations for someone moving to Manitoba… Winnipeg…?
    living costs..employment..food…just the basic needs of life…

    • Hey Asher, I don’t find living here all too different in terms of cost, except car insurance is way cheap! But that’s me, coming from Ontario. I guess it really all depends on where you’re coming from. I can’t give you any specifics about Winnipeg, because I don’t live there.

      As for employment, it all depends on what you’re looking for. But finding employment is rough right about now, pretty much anywhere. However, again, it all depends on what field you’re in.

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