My First Manitoban Birthday

To say the least, I was partly dreading my 25th birthday (there, I said it. 25th). However, as my loving Ontario friends reminded me, I always dread my birthday. It has something to do with being the first one out of my friends to reach a certain age and making life more dramatic by being dramatic about it. This birthday was no different, although this one is certainly more of a milestone. Maybe the drama was appropriate? Anyway, the other reason I was dreading it was because I couldn’t spend it as I normally do. Two or three parties with my different groups of friends, epic planning and epic decorations filling my apartment, and of course, the epic THAI dinner, which I couldn’t have here in Brandon, because Thai food doesn’t exist here unless you cook it yourself. (Side note: Can we petition for a Thai restaurant here in Brandon?)

To say the least, I was planning on spending my birthday alone, or at the most with one or two people. I know, SAD. In the end though, that’s not what happened!

Things started off with an amazing dinner at the one and only Chilli Chutney. If I can’t have Thai for my birthday dinner, then Indian will always be my second choice. I went with three of my friends and it was great! By the end of the meal, we had decided to go to one of the nicer places in town, Echo, for dessert. It was convenient to me because one of my friends works there and we had wanted to go visit her on her break anyway. Little did I know that “convenience” to me was actually a plan all along…

We got to Echo and the few of us were seated at a very big table! I was thinking, hey, we don’t need this, we can sit at a smaller table. But we sat down anyway, and then…all my friends started rolling in! I couldn’t believe it! A surprise birthday celebration just for me? Being surrounded by friends was great!

So in the end, my birthday wasn’t as sad or lonely as I thought it would be. I still missed my usual celebrations with my Ontario friends, but came to understand the friendship and love I have here in this province. Thank you friends for surprising me and making my 25th a great birthday.

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