The Brandon “Hills”?

Adventurer as I am, I, along with my friend Adrian, went to what is known as “The Brandon Hills” yesterday. Now here you have an Ontarian and an Albertan, who are used to either mountainous hills or mountains period, going to somewhere in the Brandon area that claims to have hills. We were skeptical to say the least.

Once we got there, we started on the 2km loop, with snacks in hand – just in case we got lost, or a coyote bit ours legs off and we were trapped there. We were walking, walking, walking…there was no hill in site. The trail was fairly flat, as you’ll see by some of the pictures below! However, we did find something that was semi-creepy. As we were walking through the path, I looked over and ask “Is that a lake?”, not really being able to see through the forest area, and Adrian looked closer and said “No. They’re gravestones!” So because we thought they could possibly be gravestones, we had to get off the beaten track and go through the forest to these “gravestones”. They ended up being cat tails. Needless to say, that was disappointing. I was hoping to have some grand, eerie story about the Brandon Hills.

After seeing the cat tails, we finally got to our first official hill. YAY! It was a small hill, and Adrian and I were mocking the feat of climbing one, but at least there was some semblance of a hill. So we go on, and are continuously reminded that we’re on the 2km loop, as we see numerous signs saying so, although I was confused because I thought it meant the 2km loop was over and I keep asking “When is this going to end?” – not that it was hard in any way. In the end, there were about 4 or 5 hills. It was certainly no hike, but I’m sure in the summer, or even in the fall while the leaves are still on the trees, it’d be a really beautiful outing.