It’s All About the Butt

On Friday, I went to horse sale. It was so Manitoban of me. I went with a friend who has long seen my advancements with horses, and she even put me through a horse therapy program at camp one summer, so I could get over my fear of horses. I still have the certificate to say the least! Anyway, she was there to buy a colt, and I was there to be her wingwoman and soak up any horse knowledge she threw my way. Here are some things I learned about horses yesterday:

1. A dun has a distinctive dark stripe down it’s back.
2. The butt and neck should have good alignment – although in colt’s and filly’s, growth spurts make it a little wonky at times.
3. A colt is a male horse under 4. A filly is a female horse under 4. (I was really kind of just unaware of the right term for the female horse…)
4. Bloodlines are big business.
5. I love paint horses. Fell in love with one yesterday!
6. Everyone is a sucker for a buckskin.
7. Legs and knees shouldn’t be pointed out.
8. Horses height is described in an interesting way, such as 15.2 (heard lots of that), and upon more research, that apparently means 15 hands, 2 inches. Innnteresting.
9. All the power comes from the butt.

So those are some lessons learned. I probably learned more, but I can’t remember everything! In the end, it was a good day, and although my friend didn’t get her chosen buckskin, she got a great sorrel with a pretty cute marking on his face!