Unexpected Diversity

Throughout my fine summers in Manitoba, I got the picture of a very white-washed province. And let’s be honest, most of rural Manitoba is very white-washed, but has a great Aboriginal presence as well. That’s as far as diversity went for me when I’ve been out here.

Once I moved to Brandon, I thought that I would be giving up diversity and culture. I thought that I wouldn’t see a person of either white or Aboriginal descent for days upon days, months upon months. But Brandon has refreshingly proven me wrong.

When I step out into the city, I see so many different backgrounds and cultures. Diversity is all around, although somehow surprising to me. Spanish, Chinese, Korean, African-American, Aboriginal, Indian (East – thank you very much) and many more are all in this little city.

For some reason, Brandon is quite the little hotspot for diversity, and thank goodness for that! I know others may feel differently, but I for one love the diversity and am so pleasantly surprised by it. It makes me feel not so far out of touch with the rest of the world. It makes me remember some things of home, but also makes me realize the great potential this little city has.

P.S. I think I have officially coined Brandon as “the little city”!