Did I Speak Too Soon?

My previous post was written on a cold, windy and snowy night. I thought that was the beginning of winter. Apparently, I was wrong. But other Manitoban’s I’ve talked to are pondering the same thing! They seem pretty surprised that the weather is this nice during this time of year, and I guess I’m a little surprised to, based on what people here have told me about the winter weather patterns. However, I for one, am not complaining. Not one bit. (But I did check the forecast for this coming week and it looks like it’s back to getting a little colder again)

It has been quite lovely this past week. Occasionally colder, but we’re at plus temperatures right now, which is just splendid. Friends back home asked me about the snow here, and I told them that there was some, but that the weather has been great here lately. And most likely, it probably doesn’t feel that much colder here than it does in southern Ontario.

I’m still planning on getting all my winter essentials soon enough, but feel like I can go back to being relaxed about all of this. Not that I was freaking out – just making a list of things I need! However, from my observations, the winter is a little unpredictable here. Or maybe it’s just the weather in general. I mean, I know this isn’t Alberta with the unpredictability of the weather with the Chinooks, but it’s certainly more unpredictable than southern Ontario, or even northern Ontario weather. Once winter starts in Ontario, it generally starts and is there and doesn’t go away until such and such a date and then it’s gone. Here, I’m getting the feeling that it’s a little different.

Like I mentioned before, I wrote the previous post on a cold, windy and snowy night, but then it has felt a little bit like spring this past week (at least a couple days!) and I imagine it will get cold again sooner rather than later. Oh, and what about that big dump of snow that happened in May this past year that all my friends were telling me about? Normal? Weird? Unpredictable? Am I right about this Manitoban’s?

It’ll certainly be something I have to get used to (if it’s the norm!), but I’ll take those days that feel great and warm in the middle of what should be wintertime.